BBQ Tips


For those who do not know it yet, a barbecue is an equipment allowing the cooking of food such as meat or fish thanks to the heat of the fire. This fire can come from different sources depending on the type of barbecue you have. It can come from gas, wood, embers or charcoal. Despite what many people think, barbecue did not originate in the Caribbean islands.

Barbecuing is a popular activity all over the world, be it UK, South Korea, United States of America or various regional variations. It’s often a social event where friends get together and have fun. There is also a world barbecue championship, which is held in Memphis in the United States of America every year in May. Cooking meat, fish, vegetables or anything else on a barbecue is more of an outdoor activity because a barbecue will usually create a lot of smoke depending on who is cooking and with what. When cooking food on a barbecue, you should be aware that whether you use wood, charcoal or gas your food will taste different.

In fact, more and more people are buying gas grills. As gas barbecues use the latest technology such as side burners for sauces for example, they are also much easier to clean and use, and are becoming very popular, which creates a real debate over what type of barbecue is. the best.

Regardless of this situation, you can now find some very useful barbecue tools that will come in handy for cooking your food without burning your hands every time you try to turn a piece of meat and thus make the barbecue an activity again. more attractive in the open air.

You will still have to be careful when cooking food on a barbecue of course! People tend to forget that undercooked food on the barbecue can get you in trouble because you might have eaten bacteria. So don’t forget to make sure that you cook your meat properly, that you wash your hands and the different surfaces really often… In short, be careful when cooking food on a barbecue and make sure you remember to do it. things correctly.

Another interesting debate is who generally has control of the barbecue between men and women? And according to some psychologists, men are more likely to want to control the barbecue because it would allow them to play with fire legally. It all goes back to prehistoric times when fire was a vital resource.

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