Decorating your fireplace: how to give a style and allure to your fireplace?


Functional or not, it is a pure pleasure to have a fireplace in your living room. It gives style and character to the whole room. Divert a fireplace so that it embellishes your interior and becomes the main element of decoration of the house. It might sound complicated, but with the right advice, it’s easy to combine comfort and style.

Add elements that are always up to date

In the house, the fireplace takes up a place to warm the interior, it is the cocooning side. It brings warmth and comfort to the room. The fireplace is also a decorative element, it is the decorative side. She takes hold of almost all the decorative accessories to match the atmosphere of the room. Certain decorative elements do not take wrinkles and always remain in the trend. Namely, the mirror hung above the fireplace, the vases, the collections of trinkets. To decorate your fireplace so beautifully, the salvage trend or the flea market fashion on the fireplace hearth can also be a great idea. A collection of small green plants, namely small cacti, are also welcome to bring a touch of freshness to the whole.

Decorate your fireplace and the heart of your home

In the living room, we do not hesitate to install a matching sofa with armchairs on a large carpet. Associated with this set, the fireplace in a corner creates a cozy atmosphere. The fireplace turns into a decorative support: it can accommodate the most beautiful collections of souvenir photos and objects that tell the unforgettable moments of your life. To decorate your fireplace, consider placing candlesticks on the fireplace to get a way to accentuate the warmth.
In the bedroom, a hidden or condemned fireplace can bring softness and romance to the room. You can transform the fireplace into a headboard, as a decoration or as a lamp or candle holder. But to give this romantic effect, what could be nicer than a fireplace lit in winter in a room, it offers all the warmth and splendor of the room to have a pleasant time.

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